Guide: How to Lose Bad Habits—and Start Good Habits

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October 21, 2014 (Updated 12/29/15)
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You know when a habit is bad for you. But a bad habit can seem impossible to break—no matter how hard and how many times you try to stop, for instance, eating junk food…or procrastinating…or overspending…or being late…or biting your nails…or staying up late in front of the TV every night…or whatever—inevitably you keep doing it. And then you feel frustrated and discouraged and blame yourself for not having enough willpower.

Well, you can stop beating yourself up—and you can stop having that bad habit! Because we have just what you need in the Bottom Line Guide to How to Lose Bad Habits—and Start Good Habits. These proven strategies from our top experts will help you conquer your self-sabotaging behavior. You’ll learn why willpower works better when you don’t rely on it…four secrets to successful self-help programs and how to make them work for you…how this kind of keeping score can break a bad money habit….why couples should make a daily “weather” check a regular practice…how a timer can help you complete projects…and much more.

Get started right now! Read below for how to lose the bad habits that hold you back, and create new good habits that will improve your life…

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