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The first step in the Voyage program, a year long program tailor made to help you achieve everything you desire in the next year and that which you can’t even imagine now. Please accept this as true: Despite the old cliche, knowledge is NOT power.   Applied knowledge is power.  All that you have seen here, and there’s some great stuff here if I do say so myself, won’t mean anything or help you achieve your goals without putting that great stuff to work. If you’ve ever tried to cut your own hair you’ve realized: there are just some things you should leave to a professional though.  Coaching is one.  No one can coach themselves.  While we are sure that what you’ll get from our program is worth the monthly fee,  to really accomplish your unique definition of success requires a tailored approach.  To help you’ll get a coupon that will allow you sign up for our Premium membership and get your second month for half price.

I will be there for you. With no agenda but your success, I will be your coach, your apprentice, your mentor as we navigate your voyage together. I guarantee no one will work as hard as me for your success…except you. Let me know where you can get that for less than the price of a business lunch per day. Otherwise, sign up for your subscription. We’ll bill you $[fastmemcurprice product=”3″] each month.

      • At least two coaching sessions per month
      • Custom reports and exercises
      • Chat with your coach live
      • Annual Goals Review and Celebration during a day’s sail.
Success shared is success squared.

If you refer someone who signs up, for each month they purchase, you get a month for free.

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