Creating the System to Accomplish your Goal

Congratulations.  You’ve established your destination (or at least one of them, your goals)for your voyage.  Now it’s time to chart the course and establish how you’ll trim your sails and maintain a “soldier’s wind” to that destination.

As Aristotle tells us our excellence is in our habits.  We must develop a system that we burn into our daily activity that will, without thinking (or more importantly worrying about it) will achieve our mission.

Here are the questions, the answers to which will help you develop your system:

  1. What is the one highest leverage thing I could start doing immediately to achieve my mission?
  2. What conditions would I need to set up so that doing that thing is inevitable.
  3. What can I do to get that condition in place as soon as possible?
  4. What must I sacrifice to do this?
  5. How must I follow through.

As you answer the above…it isn’t easy…take your time; you’ll begin to establish the next places to put your hands and feet and the next things to say to make real what is in your head.

You then have a system.  Instead of saying, I’ll have 12 coaching customers by the end of the quarter (a goal).  Instead you’ll do, “engage four people who can use what I do in meaningful conversations each day.”   The latter is a system.  It’s the very specific activity that you can train your subconscious to do so that, without thinking, you arrive at your destination.

As you drive your car a hundred, perhaps a thousand activities are going on with your hands and feet.   You probably can’t remember any of them that got you from your home to wherever you last drove.  You certainly didn’t need to think too much about them.  They are a system.  The system became a habit.

What’s next?

Rinse and repeat

This system will allow you to continually achieve your goals. Identify the habits to be built and practiced for each goal until all the goals in that goal category are complete. Then complete each goal category. Look back at your LifeWheels and Dream Inventory forms. How much larger and closer to fully round in all slices are your wheels? How many of your listed dreams are now pleasant memories? As we arrive, explore and become a part of new vistas we always have an eye toward yet another distant shore. Where will you go next?

Invest in yourself and your coach will too!

You’ve come as far as you can on a self-directed voyage. Perhaps it’s going great for you, it’s rare but some can summon the self-discipline to, without any one holding them accountable, do all they say they will, groom and live new habits and achieve and celebrate all they want and more. Then…there’s the rest of us. We need someone to help us attain and hold us accountable to that which we desire. Become a Premium Member to get your personal coach with no other agenda that your success. Sure, it’s more of your money but it’s your coach’s time. Which investment is more valuable?

For less than $20/day you can have a committed coach to take you through the rest of your voyage. Get started now.