A Peek in the Supply Locker

Here’s just some of the tools we’ll use together on our voyage.

As you can’t get somewhere new without knowing where you are and the path to get their, we’ll begin with diagnostic exercises.

First, we’ll establish your own assessment of where you are in key areas of a well examined and well lived life with our LifeWheels.

If a deeper dive is required into your unique attributes that may be serving you well, or poorly, on your voyage to your goals, we use a comprehensive AdvancedInsights assessment instrument.


Often, we’re working with you and your team or organization to get both to enjoy the results of being the best of your individual selves and organization.

We use a series of assessment tools including the DIALOG tool from the Malcolm Baldridge Foundation which evaluates how quality is percieved and realized within your organization.


No matter what you’re organization does, it’s measured by the success of your “customers” who may be paying customers, constituents, patients, investors, colleagues,etc.   How your organization is percieved by them is every bit as important as your internal perception.  Our customer assessment pyramid will show us that

Lastly, once we have you and your organization where it needs to be, how can we keep it there?  Sustainability is key to assuring continuous improvement,  reduction of waste and variation in your work and staying competitive in a global business environment. Our sustainability maturing model and corresponding assessments will make clear your prospects for the future.


For less than the price of a couple of business lunches each month,  You can get access to these tools and more, and begin a voyage to the shores of your as yet undiscovered vista where that which you want, and more that you don’t dare dream of,  is within your grasp.

Start your membership now. If you pay your first month’s memberships in your first 30 days, you’ll get your second month for free.