Thank you, Yeoman

Welcome aboard!

You’ve made a leap of faith today. Like the mariner of old casting off the last line tethering him to the familiar if constraining environs that drive him to ask, and then seek, “what’s out there for me”.

You’ve decided to work through the initial part of our program at your own pace and you have my sincerest wishes for your success in doing so. You’ll find here a step by step process to identify areas in your life and work for which you’d like to have more, and more balance in your life. You’ll pin down those dreams you dare where no one but you will judge their value. With the dreams you identify as your priorities you’ll establish the goals (dreams with a deadline) and you’ll find that your goals must address those categories of life for which you’re seeking improvement. Lastly you’ll engage with a proven system of identifying and capturing the goals you need, the rewards for doing so and the consequences of not, to achieve more, work less and celebrate often.

You have, as long as your monthly subscription remains current, access to these steps. In addition, the routine articles on bettering yourself or your business are yours either as part of a monthly digest I send out, or at your fingertips here on the sidebar to the left. In addition, we make available unique, often customized, opportunities for additional development. We don’t have very many members like you. We want enough, and no more, that will allow us, and you, to really make an impact.

Make all sail!

We’ll reward you for quickly getting started and assessing our content. If you decide you require the personal touch offered in our premium membership and subscribe in the first 30 days after reading this page, you’ll get your second month for free.

Success shared is success squared.

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And now, it’s on to the first waypoint in your voyage