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A short but compelling read on how to do well doing good. Introduces the "triple win" of dramatically improved people, process and planet. Complete with probing questions on how you can assess and improve your own sustainability while ensuring future generations can do the same.

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Professional Services

The Voyage (Your Very Best Year)

A full year of focused development, accountability management, mentoring and celebration of accomplishment. Formal audio and text content and a proven approach using spaced repetition guarantees results as no training program can. Just some of the areas we can address in making your year with us your very best year:

Start with the plan

Entepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Executive Strategic Planning

Develop the people

Customer Loyalty



Team Leadership

Time Strategies

Develop and Refine the Processes

Eliminate Variation and waste

Reduce time in your business cycles

Measure and Evaluate

DIALOG - Malcolm Baldridge centered assessment of organizational behavior.

ADVanced Insights - Personnel evaluations of talents, values and behaviors.

A Revolution in Execution

Ongoing Developmental Coaching Sessions- 3 per month for first three months, 1 per month for next 7 months.

Accountability Sessions - 1 per week for first 2 months, 1 per month for next 8 months.

Review and Refine

Annual Goals Review


Short Term Approaches

Group Workshops

Sales/Revenue/Membership Explosion 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Customer Loyalty 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
Leadership 2nd Wednesday

Workshops are in varied locations convenient to the National Capital Region..


Customized Processes

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A Common Sense Approach to Sustainabilty.

You can do well doing good. The Competitive Advantages to Sustainability.

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