Assessments of Group Talent Diversity

Are their gaps in your group's spectrum of strengths? Many teams never get from good to great because they are, in fact, more alike than different and therefore have the potential for gaps in clarity in important dimensions of talent, value and behaviors.

Our approach starts with an individual ADVanced Insights package for each team member. Then we work with the group to align their roles and responsibilities with their unique genius. Where teamwide gaps are found, our leadership development experts provide content and accountability to enhance skills, knowledge and attitude.

This approach has had stellar results in developing an "A List Player" profile for organizations. Such a profile ensures that candidates have the talents, values and behaviors to augment and advance the organizations mission and culture.

Mergers and Acquisitions are a prime motivator for such assessments. The surprisingly high rate of success in the M&A process, usually fraught with failure and culture clashes minimally meets and usually exceeds optimistic expectations of the acquisition process.

Together with our DIALOG Baldridge Quality assessment, a powerful picture emerges of your organizations strenghts, competitive advantages, challenges and misalignments may be that are (or will) hinder the advancement of your goals.

See our contact form and request more information about these customized group assessments. In some cases there is no cost or obligation to you.