Don't you deserve to achieve more, work less and celebrate often?

Tall Ship and Rainbow

LeaderShipShape offers executive brilliance in the style of the intrepid sea captain.

We provide individual and organizational professional performance development and capital formation strategies that will realize and sustain your goals. For what the Fortune 500 pays millions, we can provide you for as little as $20 per day. You can even get a lot of benefit for free. Get started now.
You are:
  • Responsible for $5 to $50M endowment, revenue or fund.
  • Serious about being the best you can be.
  • Committed to leaving this world better than you found it.
  • Challenged by obstacles to your goals..
You can be:
  • Realizing big dreams to dream even bigger.
  • Enjoying the balance in family, career, physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Reassured that the stakeholders in pursuit of your dreams are aligned and as passionate as you.
  • Achieving more, working less and celebrating often.

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Our Mission

Why we do what we do?

The full measure of a man is not to be found in the man himself, but in the colors and textures that come alive in others because of him.
One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.
- Albert Schweitzer

Who am I and why would you care?

I've helped a number of people become millionaires and I'd like to do it a few more times. I'm on a mission to change how people find, fund and perform the great work that changes lives, maybe even the world. Firms choose to work with me because I help them achieve more, work less, and celebrate often. I use the leadership style of the intrepid sea captain and the methods and secrets for which Fortune 500 firms pay millions yet my clients pay as little as $20/day.


I'm challenging the orthodoxy in how people find the job they deserve using the agency model that provides clarity in the greatest asset people have, themselves and the value they bring. Together we identify the people that are a complete match to further both careers and ensure a win for both parties. I use the proven model that sells celebrity actors, athletes and even products to get people into the jobs they deserve. Aren't you a celebrity in your field? Do you deserve a hard working agent to get you the best outcome?


I'm lowering the risk to investors and recipients via crowd funding, forever changing the broken capital model and flipping the reality that 85% of ventures fail to one of 85% success. The patronage model is so "old school" it's "new school" and alters the model because the investors seek the success of the venture, not just the return on investment. Because of the lower risk picture, barriers to entry are lower for both investors and fundraisers, increasing the availability of funds and decreasing the cost of proper management, the two biggest reasons for the 85% failure rate of ventures. Doesn't your idea deserve the best chance of being funded?


I'm fascinated in what's important for you and wonder how cool it would be for us to work together at getting better at it.

Only about one in every two dozen people I meet are really willing to do what it takes to get from good to great in what they do.
I work with these folks, who, like me, are convinced that their success will make the world a better place. Together we uncover the hidden waste and real value in their business, get unstuck and ensure they achieve more, work less and celebrate often.

Our proven approach develops and aligns strategic thinking and business processes, while simultaneously developing and engaging people at every level. Don't you deserve to achieve more, work less and celebrate often?

For most people who ask about my mission.

Frankly, for most people who ask, the best thing they can do is share with me the name of the person who is the smartest business person or charity executive they know. Though I meet people every day that could, they won't do what it takes to better themselves or their business. But, in making that referral to me, they'll help the person they know, who in turn, will help them. The Law of Attraction works.

Some, perhaps you, are seriously going to find a way to make the most of what we can do together.

They ask, "How do you do that?"
I’d love to tell you exactly how I do that.

First I have a question for you. If you absolutely knew that in one year you could change your life for the better, gaining all you want and even that which you now can't imagine, could you spend $20 a day for it?

We, (I'm part of a network of over 600 such professional development practitioners around the world), use a year long program that includes the best of business strategy practices, what has proven effective in human development and the innovative methods of process refinement to ensure you dramatic rewards in financial performance, growth, customer loyalty or management effectiveness.

I was born to do this. I've lived it myself and know it works. I exist to help you achieve more, work less and celebrate often. The best thing for you is me.
Get started now.


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We've achieved dramatically improved results in 37 different industries